Solid Entertainments Presents:

Tuesday Blues at the 100 Club



A songwriter genuinely literate, sometimes almost literary, Ian is an original craftsman. His ability and willingness to share with his audience, naked honesty and genuine emotion, is what sets him apart.

His latest recording – Spoonful of Gold (Blues for Willie), a selection of gems from the depthless back catalogue of blues legend Willie Dixon could easily have produced pale imitation but he has delivered a respectful vibrantly coloured innovative album.

With nothing to prove and still so much to say, Ian Parker remains an act not to be missed

Félix Rabin is a singer-songwriter and gifted guitarist.

The French 23 year old was inspired by musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Pink Floyd and his style embodies these influences, blending contemporary Rock with inventive riffs and moody melodies.

After touring around France, playing several times at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Félix is now ready to take his music and open doors in new territories. Fortunately, one of these is the UK.

Given the amazing response he has received after only a handful of appearances in this country, he says; “As a French guy, I really can feel that music is much more into the culture of English people – I mean you can feel that Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and all the other great ones come from here.”

Plans are in hand to release his debut album in 2019 and it’s fair to say that there are exciting times ahead for this young Frenchman.