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A Classic Punk Double Header


The Members are an English Band originally formed in Surrey in 1977.
A favourite of the late great John Peel. They are mostly known for their hits Solitary Confinement, Sound of the Suburbs, Offshore Banking Business and Working Girl which was an MTV smash in the USA.


The Drones

The Drones are a punk rock band from Manchester, England. For a period of time, the band were in their early days produced and managed by Paul Morley. One critic wrote: “Bonafide DIY three-chord wonders, the Drones were there at the start.


Feckin’ Latchicos

Rehearse and get drunk once a year, greatest band you’ve never heard of, only ambition is not being bottled off stage for once.

RocknRoll Suicidez

Garage / Punk / Goth hybrid, conceived of in a pub in London whilst under the influence of JD. Self penned RocknRoll classics with an obscure cover thrown in.


The Wafty Krankers

All the way from The Middle East , the only punk band in Qatar!

Healthy Junkies

With inspiration drawn from some of the most iconic bands of the last century, their multi-faceted breed of punk rock has the distinct shimmer of glam but with a dash of dirty grunge.


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