FRI, 10th NOV 2023

7.30pm- 11pm

£21 adv + bf


Jim Jones All Stars – ‘Ain’t No Peril’ – UK Tour 2023

After a midnight offering at the real crossroads inClarksdale, Mississippi, the band made the pilgrimage toMemphis, Tennessee to record with Memphis Magnetic founder Scott McEwen (JD McPherson, Nick Waterhouse) in May of 2022.

A bubbling swamp curse of unholy rhythm, Jim Jones All Stars is the latest project from garage godfather Jim Jones (Thee Hypnotics, The Jim Jones Revue). Formed during the pandemic, it features The Jim Jones Revue members Gavin Jay and Elliot Mortimer, drummer Chris Ellul from (The Heavy) veteran punk blues guitarist Carlton Mounsher.

The resulting LP “Ain’t No Peril” is a thick, greasy slab of ramalama rhythm and blues that highlights some of Jones most inspired songwriting ever and features guest appearances from vocal powerhouse Nikki Hill and Oxbow’s Eugene S. Robinson. (The Swamps), and a full horn section (Tenor Saxophonist Stuart Dace and Baritone Saxophonists Tom Hodges and Chuchi Malapersona).

“When you’re recording within spitting distance of the Mississippi river, there’s something about that heavy Memphis air that changes the way that you hear the groove and grind,” says Jim Jones.

‘Ain’t No Peril’ captures that feeling and bathes in that magic.