100 CLUB PRESENTS…Summer all day’er featuring:

“The man with the papal name came with the description of “the natural progression to Sleaford Mods” according to my research. Well I didn’t think it was possible to streamline the approach of the duo, but John Paul’s one-man assault on the ears backed with his iPhone and a four pack of Guinness does just that. Looking like a character from Phoenix Nights, I was worried that we were going to be treated to that most irritating of ideas, comedy music. My worries were assuaged though as the soloist took on the modern world with aggressive mix of beats and vitriol like Arthur Scargill mixed with Grandmaster Flash.”

Hailing from Newcastle with experimental beats and existential musings

Eryx London
Anarchic in yer face post punk 4 piece

Robin Welsh
Published poet and activist

Paul Cooper
From Bafta award winning, This Country.

Tuff Boyz
consist of Big Toast & The Strange Neighbour, 2 hip hop artists from South London with the technical skills developed through years of caring deeply about it. Razor sharp lyrical abilities were refined in rap jams and street cyphers across Europe, while an aesthetic combining gakked-up pub louts with camp 80s action movies adds an ironic sense of fun to an often humourless sub-genre of music.