SAT, 20th JUNE 2020

7.30pm - 11.00pm

£9.00 adv + bf


POSTPONED to April 10th 2021

New Horizons – ‘The Miners Band Live @ The 100 Club’

On Saturday, 20thJune, watch an exciting band here at The 100 Club with a decent priced ticket.

UK acoustic rock’n’roll group The Miners Band make their debut in the capital of England as London hosts the band for the first time with what should be a great and historic gig for The 100 Club and The Miners Band themselves. They have a catchy set of ballads and faster tempo songs and for sure have to be destined to do well.

There is a slight 1960’s presence to the band with a tint of The Beatles and a guitar playing Roger Daltrey with similarities to John Fogerty and Bob Dylan without the harmonica. Mixed in with this you can hear the acoustic style of, The Jam, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis and a Keane type of band with an acoustic guitarist frontman bringing a complete originality that is The Miners Band.

The acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter of The Miners Band Lee James Cluskey recently spoke about the gig when interviewed in saying.

‘At last, it’s great to be down here playing in London, The 100 Club has a lot of history about it with all the musicians and bands that have played here over the years. I’m as honest as they come, and I know there is a decent musical journey to continue on when you think about all the musicians and bands that have played here over the years, to ever be compared to some of them.

He continues, pondering for a few seconds.

‘It would be great to play five nights a week here at The 100 Club or alternate venues in London to really kick it off for The Miners Band and start selling out in London, but I know we couldn’t do that, because we would end up with too many people trying to get in!’

Laughing for a few seconds he continues; this guy should be a stand up comedian at some point!

‘If not I’m sure every Tom, Dick and Harry would start turning up and closing the venues down for the night, like the U2 video ‘Where The Streets Have No Name.’

Finally he summarises the past decade as the creative and where he is at as a musician and with The Miners Band.

‘I’ve had to raise the bar, during the past ten years of how I am as a creative mind, I have written and I am writing as an author, screenwriter and gone on to become a doctor of creative writing. I’ve got to this multi-creative mindset in a natural way. I keep on making it happen, just taking part in my life and seeing what I can achieve on various frontiers not only musically. I had the situation where I was looking for this commitment from other band members over the years here and there, but now I’ve got to the point where there is a squad of musicians for The Miners Band. Looking back I think there was only one moment where I could of but myself on the bass guitar, but that’s no big deal. If I can compare myself to a football manager it’s now a case of picking the side, who’s going to go out and represent this acoustic rock’n’roll band.’