SUN, 5th NOV 2023

7:30- 11pm

£14 adv + bf


Upset The Rhythm presents


WOLF EYES have spent 25 years fusing together DIY electronics with the avant-garde sensibilities of Fluxus and the granite of dreary Midwestern life. Their new album ‘Dreams In Splattered Lines’ is a surreal dreamscape of disorienting sound collages, where hit songs are transformed into terrariums of sonic flora and decimated fauna. As if pulled from a fever dream, the surrealists of the 1960s converge with alien electronic blues musicians in an underworld of mystery. The air is thick with car wash radio white noise, crackling and fizzing like a toxic elixir, spoken word poetry transmissions as absurd and cryptic phrases. Each corroded aural environment is a microcosm of chaos, honed to razor-sharp precision. Swept away in a whirlwind of thirteen perplexing narratives, each one an unpredictable journey through subterranean worlds, a sonic trip of reality folded into itself.

Wolf Eyes have released three albums in the first half of this year. ‘Dreams In Splattered Lines’ has been preceded by the January compilation of collaborations ‘Presents Difficult Messages’, and April saw the release of ‘Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes’, bringing a much sought after early release to vinyl for the first time, documenting a recording session pivotal to the ongoing development of the group’s sound. Alongside this has been the usual steady stream of lathe cuts, side hustles, art and inzanity.


YEAH YOU is the Welsh duo of Elvin Brandhi and Gustav Thomas which came out of the Tyneside noise scene in 2013. Their music is the monster they find hiding under every surface from formica to fibre glass to fortune and unforgivingness; their charge is to explode its merciless tongues so as to lick the dancefloor clean of reactionary gloop. The duo have released on Slip, Opal Tapes and Alter, with forthcoming releases on Nashazphone and Mouhoi. ‘… an absurd pairing of the Rilkean sublime [with] knackered EDM… Wildly inventive and genuinely weird… underground music at its best.’ Stewart Smith, Wire (413)