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The legendary Zal Cleminson is back with his new band /sin’dogs/. The band completed a successful debut tour of the UK in November/December 2017 and in early part of 2018 recorded a debut album.

The album was released in May 2018 titled Vol.1. Zal is widely respected for his work with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band providing incendiary guitar and writing on seminal albums such as Next, Framed, The Impossible Dream, and others.

Zal also played guitar in Nazareth for several years in the late 70s, early 80s, and worked as a session musician touring with Elkie Brooks, Bonnie Tyler, and Midge Ure. Many respected guitarists have cited Zal as an influence.



“Think of the classics: Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, then take the
rawness and energy of youth and throw in some hard work, dedication and determination and
you’ve got The Stoned Crows”

The Stoned Crows are a young (All Under 21) British 1960s inspired Rhythm & Blues band who
have melded the best elements of Elvis, the Clash, Dr Feelgood and Eddie Cochran, with the
influence and excitement generated by the live performances of the early Stones and the Doors.

Music that helped define the shape of 60’s culture and it’s influence on millions of young people.

Such is their passion, they recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis while still in their mid
teens, coupled with live gigs at the Hard Rock Beale St.

Drawing heavily on the mythology of the sixties teen anti-hero and social unrest, the Crows are not
just attempting to revive the past, but re-shape and revolutionise the genre into a unique and exiting
reality for a world in the 21’st century.

Rock and Roll is here to stay, it NEVER went away!



“Styling out through bluesy riffage and soulful vocals that seem to be channeled way beyond Loz’s years. She writes engaging songs that flow through rock, pop and straight up good vibes and heartbreaking times. One to watch!” – Jumbo Records

Her acclaimed album Green Eyes featured in RnR magazine & has strong links to bands such as Nirvana & Garbage, launching the band onto stages such as the O2 Academy Leeds/Sheffield & joining Lioness & Broken Witt Rebels as special guest on UK tours.